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design trends.

We are the pioneer in high quality design service with affordable budget in Japan. We aim to be your design partner who boosts your visual identity and digital presence.

Solve Your Design Problems

Unicorn Designs solves your design problems
and improve your results significantly.

Our Strengths

We support your business growth by our design with
highly selective designers and a price structure.


High quality and accessible price for startups

We understand that many startups could be lacking in financial resources to build their own website. Our business model can make you reach elite designers with an achievable price.


Support of company's growth with UI/UX specialists

Not sure where to begin? You might think "what kind of design can be suitable for our business?" or "we don't have much time to do research about design". Don't worry. We can support you with our UIUX specialists.


Wide range of services: Web pages, Apps, Ads banners, Logo and Branding

One of our strengths is to provide a wide range of services that can meet your design needs. We offer flexible services depends on your business goals, budget and volume.


Only the most highly qualified designers (14% pass rate) will work with you.

You can work with designers from South East Asia who are highly qualified through portfolios, communication tests and face to face interviews. Also, we can provide Japanese language support for your web pages.

Our Work

Unicorn Designs provides optimal design services
for your business achievement.

Awesome Interactive App

You can connect with skilful directors and designers like your team members for your project. Let us know your business goal, target's persona and user experience. We think together and put it into the design.

The Most Responsive Landing Page

We offer a wide range of web designs such as service pages, landing pages and corporate pages in many kinds of industries. One of our strengths is impressive cutting-edge designs which make companies and IT products different from competitors.

The Best Ads Start
With The Perfect Design

Corporate branding, creating a logo, advertisement banners, illustrations etc. We would like to reach your wants which you could not have done before because of costs.

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Our Features

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Our aim is to provide high quality and accessible services
that can boost startup businesses with great design resources.

How to Apply

Our staff talks to you about your design problems and needs. Many platforms are available such as Slack, Chatwork, email, phone and video calling. Let us know your thought.

We decide a schedule for creation with you depends on your strategy, KPI and budget after a conversation.

Designers and UIUX specialists are assigned to each task and start creating a product. You can communicate and give us feedback in a process of these.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of companies is suitable for this service?

For example, our customers were startups who want to make IT products including Apps and web screen designs or expand a main corporate page and company information pamphlet.

Can we use the service as a monthly plan or subscription?

Yes, you can but limited availability. We currently offer a monthly service as a trial. We aim to make service as if you are working with your own design team in your company. Contact us for details.

How do you manage to corporate with your design teams overseas?

We communicate with overseas teams on a day-to-day basis and have seminars to understand and respect cultural differences. We have built a structure that can work globally.

Can company ask you not only one project but also some and long-term projects?

Yes, of course. Many companies have ordered a project for long-term and we update our business flow to be able to flexible for it.

Can we have a conversation face to face?

Our members work remotely and we are ready for global customers even when we cannot see in real life so we would like you to feel free to access the service from anywhere.

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